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Fluance Rock Band

is a collision of original prog rock styles with the headspace of the post-pandemic 20s. Tracks combine colossal and arresting composition and production with exceptional and dazzling musicianship. Taking its influence from a mass of melodic rock greats from diverse eras, Fluance also veers into experimental and innovative areas.

Their first album, "Lunacy", was recorded and produced between the UK, South African and Spain, and the second,"Narratives", impeded and inspired by the privations of COVID, is likely to be released this year.

You'd be hard pressed to define Fluance as "prog rock", "melodic rock", "pop" "metal" or simply "quirky". The tracks are carved out of various larger than life thoughts about what's happening now, today. Fluance is going down its own path.

Lock into the sounds of Fluance, the best of British psychedelia and prog with a challenging current, rebellious outlook in its music and lyrics.